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July 2019

Summer games in Mycenae House garden
The Chess Game - by Sofonisba Anguissola, 1555 - National Museum, Poznań.

A portrait of the artist's sisters playing chess.

Sofonisba Anguissola (c. 1532 – 1625) was a female Italian Renaissance painter whose talent was recognised by Michelangelo and later became court painter for Philip II of Spain.

March 2015

A meeting of the Sicilian Defence sub-committee

January 2012

Michael O'Connor was an enthusiastic young member of the club in the 1980's. This memorial plaque is on a park bench in Well Hall Pleasaunce, Eltham

May 2008

Kent County Cup winning team 2008

October 2007

Shogi (Japanese chess) at the London Shogi Club

September 2007

Rawle Allicock's eight board blindfold simul

May 2007

Charlton, Kent Intro Cup winners 2007

February 2007

From the En Passant match vs Beckenham

January 2007

It's a complicated position

December 2006

Start of the Intro Cup match vs Petts Wood

November 2006

Match v Lewisham, our only winner :-(

October 2006

The day Charlton House ran out of light bulbs...

September 2006

Chess Eccentricities by Major G.H.Verney, 1885

August 2006

5-minute chess

June 2006

Summer QuickPlay at Lewisham

May 2006

It looks like the English Opening again

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